Co-Founded by Computer Science Professor

Almudena Konrad, co-founder, curriculum developer and lead instructor of KidsLogic,  has over 13 years of teaching experience in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. She has a PhD in Computer Science and a Masters in Electrical Engineering, both degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. She is passionate about teaching and inspiring children, teenagers and college students.

Almudena and the KidsLogic team is committed to the education of the next-generation! Through an exceptional academic curriculum and effective teaching methods KidsLogic instructors teach computer science fundamentals and computer programming. The curriculum focus on problem solving; students solve problems by (1) writing algorithms using logic expressions, (2) translating these algorithms into computer programs using a programming language, (3) testing and (4) debugging.  The children develop a wide range of skills and critical thinking abilities that can bring with them into their next educational and life experiences.

Girl Prograaming

“1,000,000 more computer jobs than students by 2020” (

“Although computer science is an established discipline at the collegiate and post-graduate levels, its integration into the K-12 curriculum has not kept pace in the U.S. As a result, a serious shortage of information technologists exists at all levels.” (CSTA Report)

“… most schools focus on teaching students how to use a computer and run available applications, rather than also teaching deeper concepts, such as computational problem-solving, that lay the foundation for innovation.” (ScienceDaily Article)