Computer Programming

at The Seven Hills School

KidsLogic offers 8 weeks of computer programming with Alice and Processing on Saturdays. The goal is to teach logic, problem solving techniques, computer programming and computer science principles  in a friendly computing environment.  The teachers work with small groups of children, where each child works at her/his own pace to learn the lessons and complete challenges which involve applications in computer game design and computer animation.
At KidsLogic all children have FUN learning!!


2014 Fall Saturday Enrichment Sessions (8 to 15 yrs old)

($520 per session)                                                                                      ENROLL NOW!!

For New and Continuing Students, Every Saturday from Sep/20 to Nov/8 (No class on Oct/11th)

Session 1: Beginners (New Students)     Session 2: Continuing and New Advance Students

Session 1: 10:00 to 11:15 am     Alice and Processing Computer Programming
Session 2: 11:30 to 12:45 pm     Alice and Processing Computer Programming


“… most schools focus on teaching students how to use a computer and run available applications, rather than also teaching deeper concepts, such as computational problem-solving, that lay the foundation for innovation.” (ScienceDaily Article)
KidsLogic teaches children problem solving techniques, computer logic, computer programming concepts and more. The curriculum is designed to inspire children to the disciple of computer science, and to teach them computer science fundamentals that are critical for the understanding of our fast evolving digital generation. Technology has had positive and negative impacts in our society, and to be able to create, evaluate and stately use computer technology, one must have an understanding of the underline science.